Guns in America and prawn cocktail crisps in the UK. All weird

Task: Date a guy with guns

Location: New York City, New York

Prawn cocktail crisps – us Brits are a funny breed.

Crustacean flavoured “potato chips” baffle the yanks with one in 10 Americans I meet wanting to know the provenance of such a flavor. Obviously I’ve no idea but proceed to discuss my love of beige food at length.

Whilst the prawn cocktail crisp situ baffles my American dates, I expect nothing more than to be equally baffled by them; why do they call trousers pants? Crackers biscuits? Aluminium aluminum? And as for how on earth Donald Trump got the top job…let’s not even go there.

Having witnessed a whole multitude of men on dating apps across the globe, from those posing with the obligatory drugged-up tiger in the Middle East to cock shots in the UK, it is the holding-a-gun shot that takes me aback each and every time in the States.

On looking for suitable dating companions, safety is my top priority (she types pre-drink. Post-drink I seem to think I’m invincible). I’ll frequently swipe left because someone has the eyes of a murderer or in the case of the US, because they are holding a gun (in their house/ car / park / outside a school – need I go on?).

However, when the opportunity to go for drinks with a handsome NYPD cop that works in Harlem came up, I jumped at the chance.

The date went swimmingly. He was chivalrous, easygoing and interesting. I on the other hand was the epitome of an English tourist, bombarding him with my cop-related questions;

  1. “Do you have a gun on you now?”
  2. “What are the chances of us driving in your police car?”
  3. “Approximately how many doughnuts do you eat a week?”

Despite my prying, the hoped-for answers of “yes”, “absolutely” and “too many so I brought you a Tupperware box filled with uneaten Dunkin Donuts”, were sadly unforthcoming.

In New York only cops can carry guns and are allowed to do so even when off duty. My guy was actually gun-free, opting not to have it with him when drinking in case it was required and he shot and missed because of drunk eyes. Wise!

When it comes to dating, Hollie Day is shooting for the moon. Even if I miss I hope to land among a sea of men!

*My friend did in fact mean date a guy with big arms and was alarmed that I’d Tindered and dated within six hours of her suggestion without clarifying. 

**10/10 for my date’s chat and great choice of casual, post-work (for him) cocktails in East Village, NYC.

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